About us

New talent academy was established on 1st july 2010. It is a registered English and computer educational institute by govt. of Delhi whose primary object is to provide quality education. It offers professional courses in English language and higher education in computer and also provides coaching in international certifications for English language.

The New Talent Academy have been emerged as one of the premier institutions in the country. Many of our students have reached top positions in the country. We have well qualified and dedicated teaching fraternity who are putting all efforts to bring out real educated personalities from our institutions. The institutions are equipped with latest gadgets, teaching aids, well-furnished classrooms with facilities for LCD presentation and this facility has created a congenial and serene atmosphere for learning and teaching process.

New talent academy is complimentary to each other and are designed to meet the latest requirement of global education. We give utmost care for students welfare and keep them on toes to improve their knowledge through hard work, dedication and discipline to cater to the needs of present challenging world. Safety and security of the students are the premier concern of our institutions. As a responsible and committed Managing Director of The New Talent Academy Institutions with enormous faith and confidence on behalf of the Management, I assure the students and parents that we do the justice in our endeavors by discharging our vision and mission without compromising to any lapses in the organization.


The vision of the New Talent Academy program is to provide students with knowledge and experience that adds value to professional English education and computer education and information technologies through research, product development and application of current tools to involving educational problems.

Our aim is to design such courses to help our students to succeed in their chosen career and promoting educational excellence through high standards of courses material. This gives the opportunity to grow the students in all field and take the career in same.

Important of Education

Computer is playing vital role in modern life. Computer education has great importance because use of computer has reached almost all spheres of life.
   The modern life of today includes information and contacts with people all over the world. Computer has helped considerably to achieve this. This is possible through computer education when a person knows the use of computer, he can employ in his business, for planning and chalking out programmed. Calculations and statical works. The internet helps to havea contact with any one in any part of the world. Today, by the help of internet, business has progressed very much. This is also possible with the knowledge of computer.
     Today computer education is must for the job of even an ordinary clerk in the office. The knowledge and use of computer is essential for him. In modern countries the running of trains, machines, the flight of planes, the work in the bank and progress of business, all these are controlled by computer. This is possible only by the knowledge and use of computer. Computer education enables the artist in creating the realistic images. In the field of entertainment too, musicians, having computer education, create multiple voice composition and the play back music with hundreds of variations.

      Not only this, the knowledge of computer helps in domestic work likes making the home budget doing calculations, and playing with confidence.