Lateral entry procedure:


Any person who knows how to read and write English and Hindi.

Admission procedure:

The application form provided along with this prospectus should be filled in correctly

and submitted with photographs and other required documents.


Applicant can pay complete fee for entire course in lump sum or installments at the registered any centre

Submission of application form:

Applicant has to submit duly filled application form along with the required documents.

Identity Card, Study Material: 

A laminated ID card with the respective study material will be issued to all the registered students at the beginning of the session. (Students are requested to carry this card with them at time

of Classes and Examination).

Enclosures with application form:

·  One recent passport size photograph to be pasted on the application form.

·  One stamp size photograph to be enclosed for ID card.

·  Photocopy of educational certificate for verification of the Minimum qualification and Date of Birth.