Certificate in MS Office (CMSO) 

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The growth of personal computers in the business world owes itself to the development of a piece of software that accountants loved: the spreadsheet. Accountants saved hours of time and reduced errors by using this early office productivity tool to replace large paper spreadsheets. Along the way other office productivity tools emerged, all of which contribute to efficiency and productivity in modern work environments. Microsoft has done an excellent job of developing quality office productivity software that is used in a number of those work environments.

Work Environments

There are many different environments in the modern working world. The standard office where employees process various documents is fairly ubiquitous. In educational environments teachers and administrators track assignments and records on students. In retail establishments employees capture and analyze sales and inventory data. In sales environments salespeople develop presentations to capture the attention and dollars of their clients. While the list of various work environments goes on, there are some standard functions accomplished by Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Microsoft Word is a word processing application which has grown more powerful with each subsequent release. Its pure word processing capabilities alone are very good, and the integration with other Microsoft products makes it easy to drop portions of other documents right into a report. Word is typically used to write reports and proposals in business, and research papers in educational institutions. Any work environment that needs to produce words on a page for any reason should be able to take advantage of Word.


Excel is an application that is very popular with anyone who has to crunch numbers quickly. Although VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet application to achieve popularity, Excel is now the spreadsheet of choice among computer users. The application allows the user to enter formulas to do automatic calculations, and has many standard functions such as average built in. Excel also does an excellent job of converting the data into one of several different chart types that can then be copied to presentation software.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a very useful presentation application. With a number of built-in backgrounds and themes, a speaker can build a classy presentation rather quickly. The application allows importing of pictures, sounds, and other multi-media files to make a very attention-getting presentation. Sales personnel often use PowerPoint to make pitches to prospective clients. With its simple and easy-to-use interface, PowerPoint can be employed to create just about any kind of presentation for any kind of audience.(source Chron)

This course is an extension to the Microsoft Office Course & only the students completed Basic Computer Course can apply for this course.Installation of MS Office Software, MS Word, PowerPoint, Advance Excel,MS Outlook, Access, OneNote, Publisher, Sky drive pro

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