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"Education is an essential human virtue, a necessity of society, basis of good life and sign of freedom. Education is important for integration of separate entities. This article talks about the Importance of education in our life."

If you are in your academic career, then you might be hearing the words like ‘Education is Must‘, ‘There is no Life without Education’ etc., right? So, why all such words come from people around you? What is the importance of education in our life? Forget about it for a while! First, do you know what education really is? Those who don’t, here is definition of education by

“The process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, esp. at a school or university: “a new system of public education”.

Well, the education is not limited to schools or colleges only, nor it is limited to age. The things happening in the practical life also educate us. Anyways, coming to the question in hand, 

Dear Parents and Students……..

An educational institution has a profound role to play in the building of a nation, a society and an individual and it is a job of high responsibility when the recipients of that education are slated to perform roles of high responsibility, as in case of a Language school. 

The New Talent Academy have been emerged as one of the premier institutions in the country. Many of our students have reached top positions in the country. We have well qualified and dedicated teaching fraternity who are putting all efforts to bring out real educated personalities from our institutions. The institutions are equipped with latest gadgets, teaching aids, well-furnished classrooms with facilities for LCD presentation and this facility has created a congenial and serene atmosphere for learning and teaching process.


New talent academy is complimentary to each other and are designed to meet the latest requirement of global education. We give utmost care for students welfare and keep them on toes to improve their knowledge through hard work, dedication and discipline to cater to the needs of present challenging world. Safety and security of the students are the premier concern of our institutions. As a responsible and committed Managing Director of The New Talent Academy Institutions with enormous faith and confidence on behalf of the Management, I assure the students and parents that we do the justice in our endeavors by discharging our vision and mission without compromising to any lapses in the organization.


I sincerely appeal to students to visit our institutions of their choice so that one can make self-assessment to select the best. I welcome with warm feeling every one of you to join with us to build-up excellent academic lifestyle.


 Kamlesh Kumar

Managing Director

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